ProfileView not loading MacOS

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get the ProfileView.view() GUI to load on MacOS. I didn’t have any problems adding or precompiling the package. Profile works. The GUI window pops up, but it stays completely blank and I get a long message which I can’t parse. It works fine on Windows.

Any tips?

julia> ProfileView.view()
Gtk.GtkWindowLeaf(name="", parent, width-request=-1, height-request=-1, visible=TRUE, sensitive=TRUE, app-paintable=FALSE, can-focus=FALSE, has-focus=FALSE, is-focus=FALSE, focus-on-click=TRUE, can-default=FALSE, has-default=FALSE, receives-default=FALSE, composite-child=FALSE, style, events=0, no-show-all=FALSE, has-tooltip=FALSE, tooltip-markup=NULL, tooltip-text=NULL, window, opacity=1.000000, double-buffered, halign=GTK_ALIGN_FILL, valign=GTK_ALIGN_FILL, margin-left, margin-right, margin-start=0, margin-end=0, margin-top=0, margin-bottom=0, margin=0, hexpand=FALSE, vexpand=FALSE, hexpand-set=FALSE, vexpand-set=FALSE, expand=FALSE, scale-factor=1, border-width=0, resize-mode, child, type=GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL, title="Profile", role=NULL, resizable=TRUE, modal=FALSE, window-position=GTK_WIN_POS_NONE, default-width=800, default-height=600, destroy-with-parent=FALSE, hide-titlebar-when-maximized=FALSE, icon, icon-name=NULL, screen, type-hint=GDK_WINDOW_TYPE_HINT_NORMAL, skip-taskbar-hint=FALSE, skip-pager-hint=FALSE, urgency-hint=FALSE, accept-focus=TRUE, focus-on-map=TRUE, decorated=TRUE, deletable=TRUE, gravity=GDK_GRAVITY_NORTH_WEST, transient-for, attached-to, has-resize-grip, resize-grip-visible, application, is-active=FALSE, has-toplevel-focus=FALSE, startup-id, mnemonics-visible=FALSE, focus-visible=FALSE, is-maximized=FALSE)

Can’t reproduce the issue on Julia 1.6.0 with ProfileView v0.6.9. What versions are you on?

While this doesn’t fix your issue, PProf.jl is an awesome alternative and has completely replaced ProfileView for me.


Same here. I also tried Julia 1.5. No dice.

Works fine for me as well (on macOS 11.2.3). I also see a long message, but the window pops up and shows the expected content.

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Could you post the message you are receiving, @weymouth?

It is in the original post.

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