Problems in installing package MAT

Hi I am trying to download the package MAT in Julia 0.64 with the command Pkg.add(“MAT”)
I did it other times in other PC with no issues but this time is giving me the following error:

ERROR: SystemError: realpath: No such file or directory

#systemerror#44 at ./error.jl:64 [inlined]

systemerror(::Symbol, ::Bool) at ./error.jl:64

realpath(::String) at ./path.jl:311

mkcachedir() at ./pkg/cache.jl:23

prefetch(::String, ::String, ::Array{String,1}) at ./pkg/cache.jl:35

resolve(::Dict{String,Base.Pkg.Types.VersionSet}, ::Dict{String,Dict{VersionNumber,Base.Pkg.Types.Available}}, ::Dict{String,Tuple{VersionNumber,Bool}}, ::Dict{String,Base.Pkg.Types.Fixed}, ::Dict{String,VersionNumber}, ::Set{String}) at ./pkg/entry.jl:518

resolve(::Dict{String,Base.Pkg.Types.VersionSet}, ::Dict{String,Dict{VersionNumber,Base.Pkg.Types.Available}}, ::Dict{String,Tuple{VersionNumber,Bool}}, ::Dict{String,Base.Pkg.Types.Fixed}) at ./pkg/entry.jl:479

edit(::Function, ::String, ::Base.Pkg.Types.VersionSet, ::Vararg{Base.Pkg.Types.VersionSet,N} where N) at ./pkg/entry.jl:30

(::Base.Pkg.Entry.##1#3{String,Base.Pkg.Types.VersionSet})() at ./task.jl:335


[1] sync_end() at ./task.jl:287

[2] macro expansion at ./task.jl:303 [inlined]

[3] add( ::String, ::Base.Pkg.Types.VersionSet ) at ./pkg/entry.jl:51

[4] (::Base.Pkg.Dir.##4#7{Array{Any,1},Base.Pkg.Entry.#add,Tuple{String}})() at ./pkg/dir.jl:36

[5] cd( ::Base.Pkg.Dir.##4#7{Array{Any,1},Base.Pkg.Entry.#add,Tuple{String}}, ::String ) at ./file.jl:70

[6] #cd#1( ::Array{Any,1}, ::Function, ::Function, ::String, ::Vararg{String,N} where N ) at ./pkg/dir.jl:36

[7] add( ::String ) at ./pkg/pkg.jl:117

Someone can help?
Thanks in advance.

I’m afraid that it will be difficult to get help with such an old version of Julia (I guess you mean 0.6.4).

I’d suggest, if possible, to move to a newer Julia version.

Hi thanks for reply.
Yes this is the version, the problem is that I have a really long code written in that version that is incompatible with newer ones…there is no way to get around the problem?

You could also try with Julia 0.7, which (IIRC) should be able to run code for 0.6, with some warnings.

MAT.jl was a bit tricky, and wasn’t updated for a while then. You might want to try cloning it, and checking out a particular tagged version by hand.