Problem with using in Submodules

Dear all,
I have a problem with modules.

I have a file with

module Root


using .Branch, .OtherBranch, .Stalk


Now, in OtherBranch.jl I need something which is defined in Stalk, where I have defined a module called StalkDef, so my code is as follows

module OtherBranchDef
using ..StalkDef


but it fails to compile, saying that StalkDef is not defined.
I tried also with

module OtherBranchDef
using Root.StalkDef


but it is not working.
It seems like it is processing the file from top to bottom, so I would have to move the inclusion of the two files (I cannot, they “use” each other).

How does this work, I think I’m missing something.

Best wishes

Yes, that’s right.

That’s the actual problem–you can’t do this. Here’s a simpler non-working example:

julia> module A
         module B
           using ..C
         module C
           using ..B
ERROR: UndefVarError: C not defined

There must be a non-cyclic ordering of your various modules; they cannot depend on each other. If they both need to share some common information (such as a type definition), then you can move the shared information into a new module and have both modules depend on that shared module.

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Oh, thank you! I am trying to refactor the code to avoid this…