Problem with Plots using Julia V1.7.0 and VS Code

Using Julia version 1.6.4 and VS Code and running the following code

using Plots
x = 1:10; y = rand(10)
plot(x, y)

I get the expected graph in the plot pane. However running the same code with Julia version 1.7.0 I get the following error code:

Error showing value of type Plots.Plot{Plots.GRBackend}:
ERROR: could not load library "libGR.dll"
The specified module could not be found.
  [1] setcharheight
    @ C:\Users\benec\.julia\packages\GR\yMV3y\src\GR.jl:1273 [inlined]
  [2] gr_set_font(f::Plots.Font; halign::Symbol, valign::Symbol, color::RGB{FixedPointNumbers.N0f8}, rotation::Int64)
    @ Plots C:\Users\benec\.julia\packages\Plots\cc8wh\src\backends\gr.jl:389
  [3] gr_set_xticks_font(sp::Plots.Subplot{Plots.GRBackend})
    @ Plots C:\Users\benec\.julia\packages\Plots\cc8wh\src\backends\gr.jl:726
  [4] _update_min_padding!(sp::Plots.Subplot{Plots.GRBackend})
    @ Plots C:\Users\benec\.julia\packages\Plots\cc8wh\src\backends\gr.jl:920

changing the plot backend to

julia> pyplot()

results in the following warning message

┌ Warning: `vendor()` is deprecated, use `BLAS.get_config()` and inspect the output instead
│   caller = npyinitialize() at numpy.jl:67
└ @ PyCall C:\Users\benec\.julia\packages\PyCall\3fwVL\src\numpy.jl:67
Error showing value of type Plots.Plot{Plots.PyPlotBackend}:
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching getproperty(::Char, ::String)
Closest candidates are:
  getproperty(::PyCall.PyObject, ::AbstractString) at C:\Users\benec\.julia\packages\PyCall\3fwVL\src\PyCall.jl:311
  getproperty(::PyPlot.LazyPyModule, ::AbstractString) at C:\Users\benec\.julia\packages\PyPlot\XaELc\src\plot3d.jl:16
  getproperty(::PyPlot.ColorMap, ::AbstractString) at C:\Users\benec\.julia\packages\PyPlot\XaELc\src\colormaps.jl:26

How can I resolve this problem?

You could try build GR to re-install the GR backend

thank you for the very quick reply.
Stupid question: How can ich do this?

build GR

works. But what is about the pyplot backend?