Problem with grid of plots in StatsPlots

I encountered a problem generating a grid of plots with StatsPlots. Here is a MWE. The x and y ranges are incorrect in the 2nd and 3rd rows:

using DataFrames, StatsPlots
  title = [string("f1: ",i," ","f2: ",j) for i in 1:3 for j in 1:3]
  title = reshape(title, 1, 9)
df = DataFrame(f1=repeat(1:3,inner=5),f2=repeat(1:3,inner=5),
  z=repeat(1:3,outer=5), y=repeat(1:3,outer=5))

  @df df scatter(:z, :y, group=(:f1,:f2), xlabel="z",
    ylabel="y", xaxis=font(10), yaxis=font(10), grid=false, color=:grey,
     leg=false, size=(800,600), titlefont=font(10), title=title, layout=(3,3))

I suspect this is a bug. Specifying xlims=(0,3), ylims=(0,3) fixes the axes but no data are displayed.

For reference: