Problem with CSV.jl reading csv file with extra spaces

I’m trying to read a csv file into julia, e.g.

1, , 5

by using

CSV.File(csvfile, missingstring = " ", types = [Int, Int, Int])

but getting this

2-element CSV.File{false}:
 CSV.Row: (a = 1, b = 23, c = 4)
 CSV.Row: (a = 1, b = missing, c = missing)

the problem is the second line column c.
Also I couldn’t find the feature that it advertises (reading fixed width column)???

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Maybe you can try it without the missingstring option to see if that is what you want?

CSV.File(csvfile, types = [Int, Int, Int])

Could it be due to the leading space before the 5? This value starts with the missing string.

In lack of better solution, you could remove all spaces while reading the csv file using this trick from @GunnarFarneback:

CSV.File(IOBuffer(replace(read(csvfile, String), " " => "")), missingstring = "", types = [Int, Int, Int])

This is very dangerous trick, it is wasteful too :thinking:

yes space before the 5 is the problem

this is MWE and removing missingstring option is not a solution.