Problem MathProgBase.LinearQuadraticModel with Gurobi


I have got a problem with this 2 lines

m_internal = MathProgBase.LinearQuadraticModel(GurobiSolver())
MathProgBase.loadproblem!(m_internal, s)

where s is a mps file

the error is

**UndefVarError: getconstrLB not defined**
in top-level scope at [base\none](#)
in loadproblem! at [Gurobi\6Evli\src\MPBWrapper.jl:114](#)

which is wierd because I still can load the problem data by doing

c = MathProgBase.getobj(m_internal)
A = MathProgBase.getconstrmatrix(m_internal)
xlb = MathProgBase.getvarLB(m_internal)
xub = MathProgBase.getvarUB(m_internal)
l = MathProgBase.getconstrLB(m_internal)
u = MathProgBase.getconstrUB(m_internal)

By the way there was no problem at all using CPLEX instead of Gurobi


This is a bug:

Thank you!

Any idea on how long it will take to fix the bug ?


You can do it yourself!

Go through this file, and add MPB. before any functions that need it (I already highlighted two, but there may be others; you can test locally). Then at the bottom of the page, follow the instructions to create a new branch and create a pull request.