Private registry


I would like to be able to run CI/CD using GitHub Actions in private packages.

Let’s say I have two private packages, PkgA and PkgB, with PkgB depending on PkgA.

I would like to be able to set up a private registry so when I run the ci.yml file in PkgB as a GitHub action, it does not fail saying something like: ERROR: Build path for PkgA does not exist:

Has anyone built a private registry and would like to provide the steps to cope with a situation like this one?

Thanks you!

For a small number of private repos, it’s probably easier just to skip the registry and refer to the package dependencies by git ssh URLs ( You’ll need a manifest for your CI run to make sure those URLs are downloaded, or use Pkg.add(url=..., rev=...) as part of a CI setup step. As part of the setup you’ll also need to make sure your CI has ssh credentials to download the private packages.


I think people usually use LocalRegistry.jl for these kinds of purposes once there are too many packages to do it manually. You’ll have to make that registry available to the CI jobs and make sure only CI and you can authenticate themselves to it, which may be a little challenging (unless your private packages are private repos on github).


Seconding the LocalRegistry.jl recommendation. I use a private registry for all my packages, and LocalRegistry.jl makes it effortless to maintain. Just call its register function from the REPL, and the new package/version is registered and immediately available for addìng. That’s even less friction compared to using General, and there are no waiting periods - especially important for new versions.
Of course, the registry repo need to be accessible to CI, which means creating a token in the case of GitHub private repos.

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great answers everybody!

I will check out LocalRegistry.jl.

If anyone considers that it is worth sharing a code snippet for any step of this kind of setup, please do share it.