@printf: significant digits in floating point representation

hi i want tu use @sprintf to format a number to floating point representation with a fixed amount of significant digits
how can I do that?
The function shout act the following way:

.000012340000 -> 0.000012
.123400000000 -> 0.12
1.234 -> 1.2
1234000.000 -> 1200000


edit: misread your question, you want significant digits not decimal digits

I think %.3e or %.3g may be what you’re looking for, which gives scientific notation

…but the problem is, that i want to use this to throw the number against Tikz / PGFplotsX. but LaTeX can not deal with scientific notation very well.

as a last resort, you can always get the string and manipulate that

edit: actually, should have looked at round first

julia> round(pi, digits=3)

julia> round(pi, sigdigits=3)
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Hahaha…. yes this i also had i mind but and the thread ended up in this issue

but now:

julia> round(.000012340000, sigdigits=3)
julia> @printf "%.f" round(.000012340000, sigdigits=3)

well this is slightly wrong too…um, yea just be a string wrangler for now I guess, sorry bud

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I feared that answer :cry:
thanks for now… still hoping for a better solution…

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