Prime number hunting

Hello are there any Julia programs for prime number hunting similar to GIMPS?

I know nothing about this field, but searching on JuliaHub yielded Primes.jl.

I don’t know of any intensive efforts specifically on prime searching in Julia, and of course there’s not a lot of motivation to simply re-implement special-purpose algorithms that have already been intensively optimized in other languages (such as counting primes or searching for Mersenne primes).

As @Nathan_Boyer mentioned, there is a native Julia package Primes.jl that provides basic functionality in this regard, but it’s not currently designed to compete with heavily optimized libraries for well known functions like prime-counting (ala the primecount C++ program). See also the discussions in:

However, there are reportedly people working on new research problems in computational number theory using Julia, e.g. via the Hecke.jl package.