Preventing ticks from appearing outside of a plot

Hello !
I am working on a code that’s supposed to display a plot with dates on the X axis. That part works, but when moving the plot left and right, the ticks on the x axis stay displayed even when they’re outside of the plot. Is there a way to prevent that ?

That shouldn’t happen, do you have a minimal example that shows this bug? You can open an issue on Github with that :slight_smile:

Here’s a pretty simple example that shows the same behaviour !

using GLMakie
using DataFrames
using Dates

data = DataFrame(dates=today() : Day(1) : today()+Day(10), values=1:1:11);

# Creating the Figure
fig = Figure(resolution = (1300, 600))
# Creating the Axis
ax1 = Axis(fig[1,1],

# Drawing the curve
plt = lines!(ax1, datetime2rata.(data.dates), data.values)
# Formatting the x ticks
ax1.xticks[] = (datetime2rata.(data.dates) , Dates.format.(data.dates, "dd/mm"));