Prevent canonical form for complex equations in Symbolics.jl

Symbolics.jl brings expressions to a canonical form by default (see also this discussion). Recently a new type of variable (::LiteralReal) was implemented to prevent this so you can keep the expression as it is (see here).
My goal is to keep a complex equation as it is (by default complex equations are separated into real and imaginary part). It should stay one complex equation. To make things even more complicated, I want to take the derivative w.r.t. one of the variables (and it should stay one complex equation).
I assume this is not possible and will not be implemented soon, if ever, due to other priorities?

Background: I want to create latex equations for a paper.

Yeah, it’s just a priorities thing. But if you open up issues of LiteralReal not doing what you want, it could be improved.

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I created an issue in Symbolics.jl.