PrettyTables number of decimals displayed

I am using PrettyTables to create a table that is getting the values directly from a function. I would like each entry to have the same number of digits after the decimal. Can this even be done in PrettyTables?

q6_table_header = ["x" "original equation" "modified equaton"];
q6_table_data = ["10E-1" q6(10^(-1)) q6_modified(10^(-1));
                 "10E-2" q6(10^(-2)) q6_modified(10^(-2));
                 "10E-3" q6(10^(-3)) q6_modified(10^(-3));
                 "10E-4" q6(10^(-4)) q6_modified(10^(-4));
                 "10E-5" q6(10^(-5)) q6_modified(10^(-5));
                 "10E-6" q6(10^(-6)) q6_modified(10^(-6));
                 "10E-7" q6(10^(-7)) q6_modified(10^(-7));
                 "10E-8" q6(10^(-8)) q6_modified(10^(-8));
                 "10E-9" q6(10^(-9)) q6_modified(10^(-9));
                 "10E-10" q6(10^(-10)) q6_modified(10^(-10));
                 "10E-11" q6(10^(-11)) q6_modified(10^(-11));
                 "10E-12" q6(10^(-12)) q6_modified(10^(-12));]

pretty_table(q6_table_data, q6_table_header)

Yes see the section on formatters here. You will have to learn the printf syntax though which is a bit of a pain.