Pretty Table does not display in Documenter.jl

I use PrettyTables to format the printing of structs. It works in the REPL, but not in my documentation. The problem occurs in the subsection called create model object. I was wondering if anyone might now why its not working.

because you had


you want to remove this or make one for text/html

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, that did not have the desired effect: The output field is now gone in the docs.

Additionally, in the REPL, text/plain produces:

julia> aDDM()
│ Parameter │ Value │
│ ν1        │  5.00 │
│ ν2        │  4.00 │
│ α         │  1.00 │
│ z         │  0.00 │
│ θ         │  0.30 │
│ σ         │  0.02 │
│ Δ         │  0.00 │

With the change to text/html, it now prints

julia> aDDM()
aDDM{Float64, Float64, Float64, Float64, Float64, Float64, Float64}(ν1=5.0, ν2=4.0, α=1.0, z=0.0, θ=0.3, σ=0.02, Δ=0.0004)

you need both, in REPL you need text/plain, for Documenter.jl I BELIEVE you need text'html

but I guess not, what about remove MIME argument and just let pretty_table() handle it?

I tried removing MIME, but that did not work either. I noticed that the docs for prettytable use images to display output. So it seems that it doesn’t work with Documenter.jl.

You are not printing to the io it looks like.

Thank you. That was the problem. I passed io to pretty_table(io,...).

Thank jling for your help too!