Precompiling Mousetrap fails on Ubuntu with NVidia driver

I have the following issue:

julia> using Mousetrap
[ Info: Precompiling Mousetrap [5deeb4b9-6e04-4da7-8b7f-c77fb1eae65e]

[25147] signal (11.1): Segmentation fault
in expression starting at /home/ufechner/.julia/packages/Mousetrap/k0X9u/src/Mousetrap.jl:39
gdk_x11_surface_get_xid at /home/ufechner/.julia/artifacts/5498f875c31a1b3422ce1b64ef770407109eff30/lib/ (unknown line)

I already reported this as bug, On Ubuntu 22.04 with Nvidia driver moustrap 0.2 crashes · Issue #25 · Clemapfel/Mousetrap.jl · GitHub
but perhaps here somebody has an idea how to debug this kind of issues?

I created a virtual machine with Ubuntu 22.04, and there it works fine…

It also works with the nouveau graphics driver, but not with the official nvidea graphics drivers, which is strange…

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Does anybody know how to run Julia under GDB to get a proper stack trace?

Is it needed to create a debug build of Julia to debug the crash in this library?

Yes, a make debug is needed if you want good stacktraces.

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