PrecompileTools put workload stuff data in image cache

During a VSC debug session, while seeking for a mysterious global variable origin, I found that variables used in the @setup_workload begin of the PrecompileTools precompilation are present in compiled cache and visible during debugging. In the attached figure one can see for example the variable Glix that is created inside the @setup_workload begin GMT.jl/src/GMT.jl at master · GenericMappingTools/GMT.jl · GitHub
More of the Global (GMT) revealed in VSC also comes from the pre-compilation. I think that storing data in compiled caches was not intended.

Try using let instead of begin in GMT.jl/src/GMT.jl at 8de42febc8ffb2e53ad903b3bc478df7b4192258 · GenericMappingTools/GMT.jl · GitHub

let creates a new scope.

Thanks. Indeed, that makes them disappear but begin is what comes in the docs so many people should be affected by this as well.