Precompile Package Error: " IOError: could not spawn setenv"

I have been using Julia for about 6 months now very heavily on two devices a Mac and Linux (Pop!_OS 22.04) and suddenly one day the package manager with Julia on my Linux machine broke. All the packages that I had been using weren’t recognized any more and when I went to re-download them I am given this error that gets stuck in a loop continuously outputting this to the terminal until I kill the process. I genuinely have no idea what caused this happen. This is an example of what happens when I run "] add SpecialFunctions "

Any idea how to fix this?

I am getting the same error and am wondering if you fixed this in your case. If you did, what did you do?

For the record, based on the thread Could not spawn setenv error - #5 by giordano the problem may be that the Julia package in PopOS is broken. You may want to use the official binaries, or use juliaup to automatically manage multiple installations.

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