Precompilation error using Distributed on HPC

I keep getting the following strange error from each of the workers when running my code on multiple workers in an HPC environment:

Warning: Module Distributed with build ID … is missing from the cache. This may mean Distributed does not support precompilation but is imported by a module that does.

The code runs otherwise without error and I get the correct output. Furthermore, locally I can precompile and run the same code without issue, but I want to diagnose the issue before it causes problems down the road.

My code is structured as following.

using Distributed
@everywhere using LQMRunner
@everywhere using LatticeQM.Operators
@everywhere using LatticeQM.Spectrum
@everywhere import LinearAlgebra: BLAS.set_num_threads, mul!, lmul!, Diagonal
@everywhere set_num_threads(1)

if length(ARGS) != 0
	@time startprcs(ARGS[1])
	error("No job was provided to the script.")

Where startprcs eventually calls a method contained in a submodule of LQMRunner which is written to utilize the Distributed workers. This submodule imports Distributed to utilize the workers, in particular it utilizes the myid() and remote_do() methods.

EDIT: I have tried

using LQMRunner
@everywhere using LQMRunner

to force precompilation before the code is passed to the workers but I get the same warnings from all of my workers.