Praise + widening the scope

After nearly two years of nearly exclusively using Julia (apart from occasional misc scripting), I’ve recently started a fun cross-platform game project in my off-time using Dart and Flutter. That made me realize two things:

a) Using it nearly exclusively I had forgotten just how good Julia actually is! So, again at this point huge amounts of praise to the designers! Dart - even though aiming to cover a not too dissimilar space in terms of usability and technology (i.e. dynamic yet strongly typed, easily accessible, etc.) - feels incredibly clunky and old-fashioned in comparison. I am sure the same would hold true if I went to any of the other languages I used to write simulations in in the past, such as C++ or Java.

b) It would be absolutely amazing if it was possible at some point in the future to use Julia for something like cross-platform game programming or other more general purpose projects. The language itself has all it needs, I think (possibly with the exception of a stronger module system). What’s missing really is painless deployment and a way to get zero-latency startup.

I know that this has been discussed at length before and I am aware that (for very good reasons) the project’s priorities are on other things. But I really wanted to add to those who said before that Julia has a huge potential beyond scientific programming that it would be worthwhile to keep in mind.