Powermodels Solver options

Hello everyone

i have a question regarding how to change solver options while using Powermodels.jl. I would appreciate your help in this regard.

Hi @aaldik, I think the thing you are looking for is the JuMP function optimizer_with_attributes.

To run an OPF with default options you can do,

run_ac_opf(data, Ipopt.Optimizer)

and with solver parameters you would do,

run_ac_opf(data, optimizer_with_attributes(Ipopt.Optimizer, "tol"=>1e-6))
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Hello Dr.Coffrin

Thanks for your message. I would like to solve the OPF problem using the SDP relaxation using the command:
SDP_relax=run_opf(“pglib_opf_case300_ieee.m”, SDPWRMPowerModel, solver3);

Where should I put the solver options in this case?

I would do something like,

solver3 = optimizer_with_attributes(SCS.Optimizer, "max_iters"=>100000, "eps"=>1e-4, "verbose"=>0)
SDP_relax = run_opf(“pglib_opf_case300_ieee.m”, SDPWRMPowerModel, solver3)
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Thanks a lot Dr.Coffrin :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry to ask again but I was trying the following command:

solver3 = optimizer_with_attributes(COSMO.Optimizer, "decompose"=>true, "merge_strategy"=>COSMO.CliqueGraphMerge); 

Which is based on the following command:

JuMP.Model(with_optimizer(COSMO.Optimizer, decompose = true, merge_strategy = COSMO.CliqueGraphMerge));

Although there were no errors, I noticed that problem was being solved with taking these two options into account. Did I write them incorrectly?


This looks like the correct update to me. You might follow up with the developers of COSMO?

I will do that. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: