PowerModels redirect output to file and weird output behavior using pmap()

Hi, in PowerModels.jl, is there a way for me to either redirect the run_ac_pf and run_dc_pf outputs to a txt file or run in a non verbose mode altogether? Preferably I’d save the outputs to a file so that I can parse for some info such as number of iterations later.

Also, I’m trying to parallelize many iterations of running those two functions (varying PD, QD fields of each load in each iteration) using pmap and I might made it work (never worked with parallel computation before, so I’m not sure), but when it terminates, the next julia> prompt doesn’t show up until I press Enter. Is this something to be expected or a potential bug?


Notes from the discussion in this issue, https://github.com/lanl-ansi/PowerModels.jl/issues/559

You can control the output using with commands like PowerModels.slience() and each solver has its own options, for example, with_optimizer(Ipopt.Optimizer, tol=1e-6, print_level=0) . However, if you are using pmap, I would recomend making the function return the summary information that you may need or write the results to files, rather than using standard output.

As for the Julia prompt not showing up. I have not noticed that, but the stdout stream is not synchronized print outs after the prompt can be expected. I am generally running Julia as a script from the command line and I have had no issues there with pmap.

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Thanks again!