PowerModels.jl multinetwork for Security Constrained AC-OPF

I’m currently working on a project in which I use the PowerModels package.
In the first part of my project, I used the ‘solve_opf’ function with the different models of quadratic relaxations implemented in the package.
Now, I would like to run security-constrained ac-opf and more specifically apply the N-1 criterion to my test systems. I have had a look at the PowerModelsSecurityConstrained.jl package and from this, I think the more efficient solution is to use the multinetwork feature to be able to link some variables of the intact system and some of the outaged system.

Have anyone already created some example code to create a constraint linking variables from two different PowerModels ‘network’ ? Or do you have any suggestions or examples of security constrained ac-opf model using PowerModels.jl ?

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Hi @lcharles, welcome to the forum.

I don’t have an answer for you, but @ccoffrin might have.

Hi @lcharles, thanks for posting your question and sorry for the delay in responding.

You are on the right track, the intended solution for SCOPF is to use the multi-network feature to build additional networks for the first and second stage problems and then link them together. PowerModelsSecurityConstrained.jl provides such examples. For examples you can check out this file,

Reviewing the source code of PowerModelsSecurityConstrained provides several examples for how to do this.

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