Power electronics simulations with Julia

Are there any packages for the simulation of power electronics with Julia?

Or did anybody look into this topic but did not create a package yet?

I am looking for an open source alternative to PLECS | Plexim

I hadn’t seen Plecs before:

Included with PLECS is a comprehensive component library, which covers the electrical, as well as the magnetic, thermal, and mechanical aspects of power conversion systems and their controls. Power electronics circuits are captured with a schematic editor in a way that is familiar and intuitive for electrical engineers. Typical power electronics components such as semiconductors, inductors and capacitors are placed on the circuit diagram and simply connected by drawing wires.

But the ModelingToolkit Standard Library covers all of that:

The following are the constituent libraries of the ModelingToolkit Standard Library.

So ModelingToolkit might be the answer.

For something that’s for a bit larger type of power system, there’s PowerSimulationsDynamics.

Though I’m not sure if that’s the kind of power system you’re looking for.

Then for something in the SPICE / EDA tools there’s Cedar

According to this article’s definitions:

PLECS is more like the modeling that the ModelingToolkit standard library does, while Cedar is a circuit-level power systems tool. Both of course are ModelingToolkit though (Cedar is built on ModelingToolkit) so composition works between the levels of components, and we’re trying to achieve the same with the power systems level.

Well, but PLECS has components like transistors and diodes and coils and transformers which the standard library of modelling toolkit does not have.

…yet. There is nothing preventing those being added, it’s just that someone needs to get around to it :slight_smile:

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Sounds good!