Possible issue with JuliaCIBot

SECOND EDIT: Yup, fixing the bug in my package (somehow?!?) fixed the issue I was encountering with JuliaCIBot. Obviously my understanding of the logs produced by JuliaCIBot could use some improvement. If a moderator wants to delete this question there probably isn’t any real need to keep it here. Cheers -colin

EDIT: I Found a bug in the package. It’s possible the bug was somehow causing the observed behaviour. I’ll tag a new release and see how we go. Best to ignore this question in the meantime.

Hi all,

I just noticed that a PR I made to METADATA a few weeks back to merge a new release tag for my package ForecastEval hasn’t gone through. The Travis CI test passed, but the JuliaCIBot test failed, and I’m guessing that is the reason it hasn’t been merged yet. The PR is here. Importantly, the release tag on ForecastEval I’m trying to merge is ForecastEval 1.0, which is compatible with Julia v0.7 and 1.0. The previous release tag on ForecastEval is 0.1, which is compatible with Julia v0.6.

Looking through the log JuliaCIBot details, it appears the build passed on Julia v0.6, but failed on Julia v0.7 and v1.0. I’ve looked through the log files for Julia v0.7 and it appears that JuliaCIBot is attempting to run the ForecastEval 0.1 tag on Julia v0.7. This obviously fails, since the ForecastEval 0.1 tag is aimed at Julia v0.6, while the new ForecastEval 1.0 tag is aimed at Julia v0.7.

I’ve checked the REQUIRES file under both tags, and for ForecastEval 0.1, I definitely have julia v0.6, and for ForecastEval 1.0 I have julia v0.7.

Does anyone have any idea what is going wrong here? I had never actually heard of JuliaCIBot until I encountered this, so I’m possibly missing something completely obvious here…