Port icecream from python?

I recently came across a Python package called icecream. It allows for quick and easy printing of useful debug info. See the github page for some examples. You’ll also see (at the bottom) that it has been ported to a large number of languages, but not Julia. Would this be useful in Julia too?

I’ve only skimmed the README, but I think that most of the features in icecream are already covered by the @show and @info macros.


Thanks. I didn’t know about either of those.

@show does indeed perform something similar, though misses the ability to globally switch it on and off and change the formatting.

@info requires an input and doesn’t print the line where the call was made. @warn does print the line, but requires an input still.

I guess most of the functionality is there. It’s just a few more bells and whistles. Perhaps not worth it.

You can modify the way things are printed via GitHub - JuliaLogging/LoggingExtras.jl: Composable Loggers for the Julia Logging StdLib