Polynomial manipulation

Seems like another in-development Groebner bases package:

@Andreas_Poulsen I wonder whether the presentation slides are available, or will become available?


There is no access to documentation, though, is there?

Well it’s still in-development.

Thank you for noticing my package :smiley:

The package is indeed still under development, but is in a usable state. I just got documentation live today, and presentation slides will be available when JuliaCon begins.

Having read through the thread above, I don’t think my package is suitable for this problem. The problem of determining equivalent rational functions on an algebraic curve is usually done using “classic” Gröbner basis computations instead of parametric Gröbner bases, which my package implements. Indeed, for Gröbner basis computations, it simply wraps Groebner.jl.

Having said that, it seems the problem is solved. Gröbner basis computations can produce simplified expressions as described by @sumiya11, and exactly what “simplified” means can be controlled using monomial orders. Or is there a subtlety I’m missing?


Yeah. I guess I hijacked the thread for all Groebner basis-related package discussion, sorry.

No worries, I’m happy you found my package interesting :smiley:

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