Pluralisation of @NLparameter

Hi I’m enjoying using JuMP,

is there any reason why there is no pluralisation of @NLparameter ?

I’ve had a peek at the macro file and the format of variables, constraints and expressions are the same.

What would be the downside of adding this pluralisation myself (perhaps in a project-specific folder)?

To the JuMP crew: thanks for nice package.

No it’s likely just an oversight. Please open an issue and we can add it to JuMP

@odow this was fixed, updated, but now it has reverted to the previous state, so that @NLparameters no longer works!

It requires a new release of JuMP to be released.

Edit: Prep for 0.21.9 by odow · Pull Request #2653 · jump-dev/JuMP.jl · GitHub

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I see, okay, thanks very much for your response. I must have been using my own dev version.