Plotting ODEProblem solutions with Makie

Whatever (plot recipes?) allows for the solution output from solving an ODEProblem in ModelingToolkit.jl (or maybe just OrdinaryDiffEq.jl?) to be just plotted using Plots.jl is wonderful and magical. I love how it’s possible to just do sol = solve(problem); plot(sol) as well as plotting individual states by name (plot(sol, vars=[(x, y), (w, z)]) etc).

However overall I’m finding Makie to be my favorite tool for plotting/visualization. Is there anything out there yet that provides similar power and expressivity but using Makie instead of Plots?

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I want to move everything to Makie. Please help us. The recipes are in here:

I think @asinghvi17 had a working version calling the recipe from Makie, but I forget how he did it. The main issue is that type recipes in Makie don’t allow custom keyword arguments.

That might be the last blocker.


I am interested in this as well. Any progress has been made?

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This is pretty big!

I’ve been wondering which plotting package(s) to invest time in learning. If SciML is backing Makie, then it seems like a no-brainer.

This looks interesting. I have been working on a few things that would benefit immensely from incorporating SciML. If anyone wants to chat about moving this stuff to Makie I think that could be beneficial.