Plotting markdown in the legend

I am trying to plot Markdown in the legend of a plot. According to this blog post by @Tamas_Papp LaTeXStrings.jl can be used to display latex math and that works, but when I want to typeset other LaTeX commands it doesn’t work (as pointed out in the documentation).
So I try markdown

using Markdown
md"\$K_1\$ **hah**"

is properly rendered in jupyter, but the same for

using Plots
using Markdown
plot(rand(10),label=md"\$K_1\$ **hah**")

renders $K_1$ **hah** instead of K_1 hah.

using Plots
using LaTeXStrings

renders correctly but

using Plots
using LaTeXStrings
plot(rand(10),label=latexstring("\$K_1\$ hah"))

does not.
Is there a way to force the legend to display correctly?

how about:

plot(rand(10),label=latexstring("K_1\\, \\mathbf{hah}"))

It’s kludgy, but it works. I also needed textrm so I’ve done

plot(rand(10)=L"K_1\textrm{ Series {\bfseries 1}}")

The only downside to this is the weak contrast.