Plotting graphs in vscode

Hi all!
is the title suggests I’m struggling with plotting a graph in vscode.

using GraphRecipes
using Plots
using Graphs

n = 8
g = wheel_digraph(n)

This code works perfectly fine using the julia repl in my terminal. However the same code in vscode doesn’t. There are many other plot commands (e.g. gplot that do not work in vscode either. Do I need to change any setting in vscode, or is there an alternative to display my graphs in vscode or as HTML?

Do you have the plot pane enabled? Your example generally works fine for me, except when disabling the plot pane after Plots is loaded (which is why that setting indicates "Might require a restart of the Julia process).

I don’t know what the problem was - I had the plotpane enabled, but restarting vscode helped…wow :man_facepalming: . Thanks a lot!