Plotting a histogram of multiple independent univariate dataseries in a 2d heatmap

I would like to do something similar to the example

xs = [string("x", i) for i = 1:10]
ys = [string("y", i) for i = 1:4]
z = float((1:4) * reshape(1:10, 1, :)) * u"km"
heatmap(xs, ys, z, aspect_ratio=1)

however, in my desired example:
xs represents the histogram bins (which will be fixed)
ys represents the different dataseries of the univariate variable of interest
z represents the bin count of the ys dataseries for the particular value using xs as the bins. ultimately i would set normalize=:pdf to have the scale range from [0,1]

originally i used heatmap2d but realized this is for applications where your system is a function of 2 independent variables. i have single distribution of xs values (e.g., temps) across multiple ys values (weather years) and i want a nice way to view the histogram of each yr independent from one another

sorry if this is a basic ?. im new to julia and still getting up to speed

thanks in advance

What about computing znorm = z ./ sum.(eachrow(z) and making the 2D heatmap with that?

You means figures like this?