Plots with plotly() backend does not show in VS code

I am trying to make a simple plot using Plots from VS code REPL. While the default gr() backend plots fine, the plot in the figure pane does not automatically resize when resizing the plot pane under VS code. On the other hand, the Plotly package does make resizable plots, but when I try to use the plotly() backend with Plots, the plots does not show in the figure pane. Can someone help me out on how to make plots to show? I’m using v1.4 and VS code julia extension.

I experienced the same trouble with plotly() in trying out different backends under vscode.
the plotlyjs() version did work for me though

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I’m having the same issue here! the plot does not show up. I’m currently using Firefox and windows 10

I have the same issue,anyone could help me out?

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Did you try the plotlyjs version?
That worked for me.

Same issue on Jupyter Notebooks with Plotly and PlotlyJS backends

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