Plots title offset (pyplot)

How do I offset titles in Plots.jl? For example when the title overlaps with the colorbar

using Plots
heatmap(rand(100,100);  title="title", titlefontsize=40, colorbar=:top)

produces something like

One common workaround in Plots.jl is to subplot:

using Plots; pyplot()
p1 = plot(title="title", titlefontsize=40, axis=nothing, framestyle=:none);
p2 = heatmap(rand(100,100), ratio=1);
plot(p1, p2, layout = grid(2, 1,  heights=[-0.2, 1]), cb=:top)

You may want to further fine tune the relative heights

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That is a neat solution. I used for my particular case annotate! and some hacky x/y-coordinates. Thank you!