Plots.jl increase spacing along axes

I have made a bar graph using Plots.jl.
One of the axes contains String type data.

Here are the two things I would like to do:

  1. The bars are too close by. I would like to change the “spacing” between values of an axis.
    This is a problem I always face with Julia plots. How do I scale the axes?

  2. The String axis does not show all the data. I would like the ticks to represent each and every String.

For 1., use plot() keyword bar_width.
For 2., use xticks.


using Plots; gr()
x, y = 'a':'z', rand(1:10, 26)
bar(x, y, xticks=(0.5:length(x)-0.5, x), xtickfontsize=5, bar_width=0.5, widen=false)