Plots.jl custom cycler for color, linestyle, markershape... etc?

In matplotlib for example, I have a line in my my_style.rc file that reads

axes.prop_cycle: (cycler('color', ["5f4b8bff","009874ff","9b2335ff","0f4c81ff","dd4124ff","efc050ff","c3447aff"]) + cycler("ls", ["-", "--", "-.", ":", (0, (5, 10)), (0, (1, 10)), (0, (3, 10, 1, 10))]) + cycler("marker", ["o", "v", "^", "s", "P", "X", "d"]))

where I effectively set the color, line style and marker shape cyclers to whatever I want.

Is this a possibility in Julia with Plots.jl?

It would be great if a similar line that sets all of these defaults could be added to my PLOTS_DEFAULTS dictionary in startup.jl.