Plots.jl, colorbar tick labels

Hi everyone,
I was wondering whether there is a possibility to define colorbar tick labels manually with Plots.j?
By this, I mean something like this:

The possibility of passing a Dict that maps numerical values to text labels as colorbar tick labels could be quite handy (if it is not already possible :D).

Not exactly what you have asked for, but just in case, Plots.jl allows displaying a colorbar title that might help. Illustration using the pyplot() backend:

Thanks, that’s already quite interesting.
Below is a MWE. Basically, I thought it would be nice to use the Dict flag_colors to annotate the colorbar. Not sure whether this is possible…

using Plots

# Data
nx, ny = 31, 31
tab = fill(1, nx, ny)
tab[Int(ceil(nx/3)):end,:]   .= 2
tab[Int(ceil(2*nx/3)):end,:] .= 3

# Color palette
cmap    = zeros(RGB{Float64}, 3)
cmap[1] = RGB{Float64}(  6/255,  7/255, 9/255)  # black
cmap[2] = RGB{Float64}(233/255,214/255, 64/255) # yellow
cmap[3] = RGB{Float64}(198/255, 34/255, 49/255) # red

# Labels
labels      = ("Black", "Red", "Yellow")
flag_colors = Dict( 1:3 .=> labels )

display(heatmap(tab', c=palette(cmap,3)) )

For the pyplot() backend of Plots.jl please check this posted issue. Copying the author @isentropic for feedback.

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