Plots.heatmap negative axis bug

Ever notice how if you put values for the x-axis or y-axis that start positive and go negative, the heatmap canโ€™t make the plot.

 Plots.heatmap(1:20,1:10,FF)  # What it should look like
Plots.heatmap(1:20,-1:-1:-10,FF)  # I'd like a different Y axis representation -- does not look correct
Plots.heatmap(-1:-1:-20,1:10,FF) # Also does not look correct
#I have to do something like this:
values=[string(Int(round(i))) for i in -1:-1:-20]
# This messes up the plotlyjs smart highlighter.

Seems like a bug

I would recommend using built-in Julia tools instead:

heatmap(-20:-1, 1:10, reverse(FF,dims=2), xflip=true)

Not sure it is a bug as Plots.jl warns that: points are not sorted in ascending order