Plots: gr(), after savefig() plots become ugly

Using Plots, when I plot with the gr() backend I get a nice graph (in its own window). The savefig() command closes that window; after that, next plots will be displayed in a new window, but with ugly graphics (and no transparency).

A difference is that at the beginning the graph is drawn in a in a window named “GKS QtTerm”; after, windows are named “GKS 5”.
GKS* entries displayed with ENV are the same in both cases (apart for the appearance of “GKS_FILEPATH” pointing to a graph file in /tmp/).

Is there a solution?
I opened an issue in Plots.jl (#1964), but there were no comments (yet).

My system: GR v0.38.1, Julia v1.1 on Linux

Thanks for help

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I can confirm this. (Ubuntu 18.04, Julia 1.1, GR v0.38.1, Plots v0.24.0)

I fixed this in #1978. You might get a warning (about an invalid workstation type) in GR - this is fixed in GR master and will be tagged this week.


Great, thanks. I’ll be waiting for it.

Still not solved in GR v0.39.0 (Plots v0.24.0)