Plot ticks at both top and bottom axis




Is there any way to plot both ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ x axis ticks using Plots.jl?

I’m thinking of something like this example from Matplotlib.



I don’t think so


Wow that definitely was not the answer I was expecting haha

Do you see any way we could implement this feature? Would it be something that a newbie like me could try programming? Or is it too much low-level?

(I even tried some things with twinx() but couldn’t succeed…)


I think you could use PyPlot. Basically it is a wrapper for matplotlib. Hence, you should be able to do everything you do on matplotlib if I’m right. Take a look at PyPlot.jl


Thanks, I guess that’s indeed my best option right now


But is there an option just to show the ticks on the top and right axis (without labels and numbers and the same interval as the left and bottom axis)?