Plot lines not appearing

My goal is to replicate a plot similar to this one:

Although this is a physics problem. I am basically plotting and erf() function. Here is how my code is currently set up right now.

using SpecialFunctions, Plots

T = 10^6 # temperature of solar corona [K]
η = 10^9*T^(-3/2) # m^2 s^-1

x = range(-1e7, 1e7, step=1)
x_scaled = @. x/(2*sqrt(η))
t = [0, 1, 2, 4]
B_z(x, t) = @. erf(x/sqrt(4*η*t))

plot(x_scaled, B_z(x_scaled, 0), linestyle = :dash)
xlims!(-1e7, 1e7)

However, I am not quite getting the result I am looking for:

What am I missing here?


I get the above when I run your code.
Julia v1.6.2, Plots v1.19.3

Not sure why you’re not seeing anything. Does plotting work for other things?

Yes, I can create simple linear plots, but not what you have produced.

I am using Julia 1.7.0, Plots v1.25 on Jupyter Notebook.

I am able to get the lines after changing the x range to a smaller range.

x = range(-1e2, 1e2, step=1)

For my purposes, this is fine.