Plot histogram with Plots

“In convertToAnyVector, could not handle the argument types: (Float64,)”

You’re plotting a histogram of a scalar… I’m not really sure what you’d
expect that to do…

This error is when the input types aren’t supported. You can read more in
the docs.

Use the help to look up what the rand and mean functions can do. Hint: if you make a matrix, you can calculate the mean the columns all at once, so no loop is necessary. The means will then be a vector which can be plotted. Other hint: by the Central limit theorem the distribution of the means should look like a bell curve when you put enough of them.

And this is obviously the same homework problem which was just posted twice here, and also on Stack Overflow.

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Which introductory Julia tutorials have you looked at? See the “Tutorials” and “Video tutorials” sections on the Julia webpage: