Plot GPArray/ Arrayfire


Is there a way to display 1d/2d arrays hosted by the GPU (aka with GPUArrays or ArrayFire)?

ArrayFire has some method for that but it is a bit limited,

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Visualize.jl uses GPUArrays under the hood, so it should natively work with data on the GPU - just need to release it and bring it on the same level of functionality as GLVisualize.jl…

Meanwhile, does it not work to just do array = Array(gpu_array) and plot that with the plotting package of your choice?
Or do you actually have one of those exciting use cases where that’s too slow?

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I solve a PDE on a square. Even the plotting with GR (when solving in the CPU) is quite slow. Including the GPU → CPU transfer will be even slower.

Plus, I have seen what ArrayFire (limited) plotting capabilities can produce now…


Is there anything new on this topic? Have you found a solution to display directly from the GPU without going through the CPU @rveltz ? I’m doing a large cellular automaton simulation and I think it could increase my fps.

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