Pkg sends usage info to Google Analytics [Update: No, it doesn't]

Just got the following message when running Pkg:

Updating Homebrew...
==> Homebrew has enabled anonymous aggregate user behaviour analytics.
Read the analytics documentation (and how to opt-out) here:

On the info-page, there are two opt-out options given. Either



brew analytics off

I’m not sure about the Julia policy on this; perhaps it’s fine that using Pkg sends usage info to the Homebrew team. But perhaps it could be a bit easier for Pkg users to opt out? (I, for one, am not even sure how to pipe commands through to the proper shell or environment, in order to reach the brew used by Pkg.)

Not a big deal, of course; if you’re using Pkg or brew, you’re going to be contacting servers with logs anyway.

Note that Pkg does not send any usage info and therefore provides no way to opt out, the message likely comes from Homebrew.jl. I assume the default could be changed there.

According to the code, Homebrew.jl opts out of analytics by default.

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Indeed! Sorry for sloppy research on my part, then. I guess the Homebrew warning was just a false alarm :slight_smile: Thanks for figuring this out!