Pkg environments, and branches

I have a package that depends on Feather#master (as in: st shows Feather v0.3.1+ #master). That package is currently the only package in v0.7:

(v0.7) pkg> st
    Status `~/.julia/environments/v0.7/Project.toml`
  [78207129] MyPackage v0.0.7 #0.7 (/home/cedric/MyPackage)

When I import Feather in the MyPackage environment, it loads the master as expected, but when I import MyPackage in the v0.7 environments, it loads the latest tagged version of Feather (0.3.1) instead of the master, and fails, because 0.3.1 is not 0.7-compatible. I can confirm that this is happening when I look at .julia/environments/v0.7/Manifest.toml: it shows 0.3.1, while the manifest for my package is at 0.3.1+. Am I misunderstanding how environments work? Why would it load 0.3.1 instead of 0.3.1#master? I tried resolve but it didn’t change anything.