Pkg> dev --local /some/path doesn't make a local clone in ./dev

I am trying to use pkg> dev --local for a package available locally, but it seems that --local is ignored and no copy in dev is made. Is this expected behavior or a known issue?

dev --local works for registered packages of course.

I can replicate the issue in master and 1.5.2.

Iā€™d expect this behaviour.

I did this awhile back with

dev "path_name"
dev --local "path_name"

or something like that. Sorry for the lack of precision, but it was a few months ago.

I think it should just be clarified in the docstring that --local only works when you give a package as an argument, and not a path (similar to


Thanks, I will make a small PR for the docs.

Is there a rationale for this, or just not implemented yet?