PGFPlots Healpix / Mollweide / Aitoff projections?

I really like PGFPlotsX.jl to create plots which seamlessly integrate into papers but I now I need to make a bunch of Healpix Mollweide projections to visualise data spread on the surface on a sphere (essentially skymaps) and I have not really figured out how. I searched the web but it seems that either nobody is talking about, or nobody is using PGFPlots to do this :wink:

The package Healpix.jl already provides a recipe for Plots.jl which works:

julia> using Healpix

julia> using Plots

julia> m = HealpixMap{Float64, RingOrder}(32);

julia> m[ang2pixRing(m.resolution, π/4, 0.0)] = 250

julia> m[ang2pixRing(m.resolution, 0.0, 0.0)] = 200

julia> m[ang2pixRing(m.resolution, 0.42, 0.23)] = 300

julia> plot(m)

and produces this beauty:

But I need to adjust a lot of things and annotate stuff etc. which I find much more easier (and possible) in PGFPlots via PGFPlotsX.jl. I played around with Plots.jl but I find myself struggling really with finding the right point to override defaults and modify specific aspects of the image.

So my question: does anybody here by chance has some experience in creating healpix/mollweide/aitoff projections with PGFPlots?

I fear the answer is “no, take what’s there (Plots.jl) and try to improve”, but I’d give up so much freedom (and free time :laughing: ) by not using PGF.

Edit: let me add a nicer example output. The real fun begins with drawing lines, circles etc., modifying the colorbar and so on. Maybe it’s perfectly doable in Plots.jl, but I am a bit lost: