Permutedims of a mesh (swapping the order of axes )

I want to read several geometries for visualisation from a list of .obj files, however their axes are arranged in the wrong order (y,z,x) in my frame of reference.
Goal: permute dimensions of a mesh.
The mesh loads OK and can be visualized with Makie,
After naively attempting permutedims, which did not work, I tried searching for Meshes.jl docs Transformations section. The only applicable one is rotation, but seems like that might be actually computing all those transforms which is undesirable (these a quite large meshes).
I have a feeling that there should be a straightforward solution that I am missing?


I have a similar issue, but I addressed it by modifying the points before the mesh was constructed.

I think we should be able to rebuild thr faces with the dimensions swapped directly.