People getting their Julia questions closed on SO may feel angry at Julia community

Just a thought I had often recently: I feel SO users close too easily legit questions on the base of a strictly applied SO policy rule.
Jeah… the question may be not really clear, or focus on more than one thing, or whose answer would be subjective/opinion based (which one is not ?), but still I feel having a question “closed” top-down is not very nice, rather than warm the user with something like “you will likely not get a good answer to this question, it would be better if you… [suggestion to improve the question]”.

I long thought that this may lead users to think it is the “Julia community” that is not welcoming, especially for new users that are not very practical with SO,… and indeed…

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We’ve done quite a few re-openings for questions as indeed SO mods can be a bit trigger happy, although this one isn’t a particularly great candidate for re-opening I’d say…


The comment at the bottom is pretty much what we always say, stack overflow is unwelcoming, come hang out on discourse :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: