Passing CuArray to PyTorch Tensor

Hello everyone,

I am actually using this to pass CuArrays to PyTorch Tensor :

using PyCall
tc = pyimport("torch")
using CuArrays 
@time tc.from_numpy(Array(x)).cuda()
 0.025017 seconds (62 allocations: 20.00 MiB)

Since Array(x) is actually moving x from GPU to CPU, and .cuda() from CPU to GPU, I was wondering if there is a way to stay on the GPU and convert CuArrays to PyTorch tensor without having to go back and forth between CPU and GPU.

Directly applying tc.from_numpy() on CuArrays is not working and gives a SegFault

Let me know if you have any ideas about how to do this.

Thank you !

One solution is to create an PyTorch tensor, convert it to a CuArray by Base.unsafe_wrap, and then manipulate it using CuArrays.jl.
No copy at all.

x_tc = tc.empty((1024,1024), dtype=tc.float64).cuda()
x = Base.unsafe_wrap(CuArray, CuPtr{Float64}(x_tc.data_ptr()), (1024, 1024))
# randn!(x) modifies PyTorch tensor x_tc because PyTorch tensor x_tc and CuArray x share the same memory.

I haven’t actually tried this code, so there might be minor mistakes…

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Or, though I don’t know if that’s really possible, possibly CuArray can be converted directly to PyTorch tensor through torch.utils.dlpack.from_dlpack.

Thank you @yatra9 for your answer !
The following code you proposed, is working with CuArrays v1.0.2 with CUDAdrv v3.0.0 and NNlib v0.6.0