Pass variable value to macro inside a for loop


I’m trying to get the following lines of code to work, but @export_all_files keeps getting a symbol with:

  • the value loaded_folder
  • instead of the folder it should be loaded (i.e. src or config/initializers)

Why is that happening?

  loaded_folders = [ "src", "config/initializers" ]

  for loaded_folder in loaded_folders
    loaded_folder = "$(pwd())/$loaded_folder"

    Julz.@export_all_files loaded_folder

yields the error

ERROR: LoadError: UndefVarError: loaded_folder not defined


Macro expansion happens at parse time so no it’s impossible to get the value of loaded_folder in the macro. You can either use a function, or expand to a piece of code that uses it at runtime (possibly by calling functions), or use eval to splice in the value and expand the macro at runtime.


What do you mean by this?

That seems like the most matter-of-fact answer


@eval Julz.@export_all_files $loaded_folder or eval(:(Julz.@export_all_files $loaded_folder)). Obviously only works in global scope.